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Tangible Utopias @ Cannes XR & Venice Gap !

TANGIBLE UTOPIAS is an exploratory VR experience written and directed by Ioana Mischie, immersing the viewer as a first-person into an Odyssey of potential future city scenarios, inspired by the imagination of children worldwide. The project is a continuation of the transmedia universe entitled Government of Children – a civic imagination-driven transmedia world (3D film, VR, web) that encourages children from all over the world to see themselves as leaders and to design their societal future. Ioana and her team have gathered a total of more than 250 visions that will selectively serve as a script for the current VR universe. Tangible Utopias aims to design alternative multi-layered futuristic societies. The users can personalize the ever-expanding interactive world and reshape it exponentially depending on their own involvement. At the end of the experience, each user receives his/her own customized tangible utopia both as an artistic souvenir, but also as an awareness tool in order to advocate for more ethical long-term cities.

Previously selected for the prestigious Cannes XR in the development phase, the VR world is currently looking forward to completing the international financing scheme with at least one more partner. The project is currently produced by Storyscapes and Studioset in collaboration with SeeThree and Noe-Fi Studios. Tangible Utopias is, so far, having national support, being co-financed by AFCN (Administrația Fondului Cultural Național) and was just featured at the Venice Gap Financing Market 2020.